Make your landing pages your sales engine

The escala: page builder does it all
No other landing page builder allows you to do so much

Ahhhh! Welcome to template paradise

Beautiful landing page templates that are proven to generate thousands millions of contacts! Building is easy. It’s the choosing that might be challenging
Our seasoned programmers and talented designers did the hard part for you. The only challenge here is choosing! Pick from the most beautiful landing page templates, proven to generate thousands of contacts.
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Apply your personal touch,
edit with ease

Stack your content blocks to create your ideal website. Simply drag and drop the pre-designed sections, adjust their sizes, add forms, change fonts, insert images, include your logo, and pick your colors! We’re the structure, you’re the artist.
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Built for all devices

Whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or cell phone, your landing pages will be 100% responsive, and adaptable. Switch effortlessly between the icons to see how great they look on each device!
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Knock, Knock! Is it a
safe page to enter?

Yes! Everyone is welcome! With escala, each page you create comes with its own security certificate, so that your visitors have the confidence to navigate freely.
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Never without a domain

At escala, every step has been considered. Do you have your own domain? Connect instantly with in one click! No domain yet? No worries! Escala provides you with one in seconds.
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The power of WE:
You, escala, Google, and Facebook

escala integrates with Facebook Pixels and Google Analytics so you have more in-depth information about your landing page visitors. The more you integrate with Facebook and Google, the better your campaign results will be!
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Say hello to smart- forms
bye, bye plug-ins!

Introducing escala’s “smart-form.” When your visitors leave their information on your landing page, it will automatically save within escala’s CRMa! Say goodbye to endless spreadsheets!

Interacting with customers all over the world? Escala’s software system registers new phone numbers, and immediately adds the international prefix. No more guessing! From New York to Buenos Aires, we have you covered.

$$$$ come in!
We integrate with payment platforms

eEscala makes it fast, easy, and secure to power your online sales whether you’re using pre-integrated sales pages, or the most recognized payment platforms in the market. It’s time to start selling!
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The quickest landing pages
on the market

If your landing page takes more than a few seconds to load, it can frustrate thousands of your visitors. Unhappy customers = less sales. escala uses advanced technology to ensure that your pages load at lightning speed. After all, time is money!

Here are the numbers!
Wwhat you need to analyze and optimize

More visitors, more clients

How many people visit your website? How many of them become your clients? Learn more about the behaviors of your visitors. Our metrics show you how long they’ve been surfing your site, whether they’re clicking on the marketing content, or if they’re leaving right away.

Tracking every movement leads to more successful results.

Yesss! They love my page!

Based on your goals, how efficient has your page been? What is the return on your investments? Find out in real time using our intuitive analytics tools.

Which devices have the highest conversion rates?

Do your visitors prefer to use their tablets, laptops, or cell phones? Within escala you can see detailed analytics which tell you which device is most likely to lead to a sale. The more you know, the better you do!

I can’t wait!
I’m ready to create the best landing page
for my business!